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"...Let me just say, pregnancy can be a wonderful experience! During my pregnancy I never felt more confident, beautiful and happy. Remember, how you approach your experience can determine what you get out of it..."

Enjoy your pregnancy 😀

Let me just say, pregnancy can be a wonderful experience!  During my pregnancy I never felt more confident, beautiful and happy. Remember, how you approach your experience can determine what you get out of it.  Sure, you may have the bouts with nausea and interesting (to say the least) cravings, but all of it is the beautiful blessing of being a woman. The life you are carrying around in your belly, especially if it’s the first time, can be an emotional experience for some. Here are a few tips to encourage and inspire you during such a magnificent time in your life!

Take it all in day by day.

Of course, it is only natural to want to welcome your baby’s arrival with the post preparation possible. There’s no problem anticipating the basic needs for the both of you. Just remember that while you are pregnant enjoy and embrace every moment of it.  If you over-think, over-plan and try to anticipate every stage, it’s likely you will call unnecessary stress or worries upon yourself and the baby. Pregnancy is a natural occurrence and your body is well-made for such a job.  It knows what to do and how to adjust, so try not to worry yourself.  Stay positive and remember in just a short while, you’ll get to meet the little one that is running your life and your body from the womb!


Regular physical activity will be a huge advantage to the both of you when it comes time to deliver. Keep in mind, the birthing process is as much work for your baby as it is for you.  While you are working to get them out, they too are working to find the right route and position. Staying active for the both of you is beneficial for the whole process.  Not to mention, it is an excellent way to boost your energy and limit excess weight gain. 


You’d be surprised how a healthy regimen can boost your health both physically and mentally.  It is easy to get trapped in our minds or in our moods, but it doesn’t have to distract you or get you down. Getting that blood pumping will make you feel great, and even better, help you sleep nice and sound. 

Here are some super simple tips you can enjoy!


6 Easy workouts from home


Light stretching every day will do you wonders.   Your joint and ligaments start to shift and adjust to your ever growing body.  It can become easier to sustain injuries if you’re not doing any basic maintenance.  stretching is a necessary addition to any workout while pregnant and helps to keep you flexible. If possible, spend time outdoors as much as possible. Again, the fresh air and blood circulation from any activity you’ll do outside, even if it’s just taking a walk, will be good for you and the baby.   


Walking: This is by far my  #1 pregnant lady activity. Simple exercises such as walking can be done from day one to the day you decide to push! The baby will love it and it keeps the both of you active. If you are pregnant during the warmer months, definitely go outside and breathe the fresh air.  This too helps your blood to circulate well and eliminate fatigue and restlessness.  I couldn’t even sleep well if I didn’t take my daily walk. As you get further along into your third trimester, keep doing it, just remember to always have water with you and reduce your speed and distance if necessary.


Pilates: I really enjoyed Pilates and a variety of toning exercises that weren’t too stressful on my body.  This technique is very good for focusing on flexibility and strength specific areas. Just make sure not to push yourself over the limit, but at the same time keep in mind pregnancy is not a sickness and you are capable of more than you think.    


Swimming: This is an excellent activity for any stage of your pregnancy.  It is ideal because it takes the tension off of your ever-shifting body including all the muscles and joints that are feeling the pressure and fatigue of carrying around your growing belly.


Dancing: This one’s a personal fav! If you never had a reason to dance before, a beautiful life evolving inside of you will never give you a better reason. Whether you find a video on YouTube or simply turn on your favorite tunes and jam out for 20 mins in the morning, it’s a great way to start or end your day.  


I suggest aiming for breaking a sweat! Always remember to dance as if no one is watching you, no inhibitions, just be yourself.  If that’s not so much your speed, pick a video that will work for you.  I was a big fan of Keaira Lashae’s YouTube videos.  She has a nice variety of styles as well as strictly workout compilations that are fun and easy to follow.  They are also under 30 mins, which was very attractive to me.  But, there are so many options out there, take the time to see what interests you enough to be consistent.  


Squats: These are a work-out charm. Not only do they help keep hip and groin muscles active, they’re a great toner for the legs and butt. Plus, with your growing belly weight, it’s like having built in weights.  Just be careful  you get bigger.  While your joints are adjusting to your changing body, they tend to loosen up.  Remember to always stretch before and after any type of workout.


With that said, staying active is so important, I can’t stress it enough.  Always keep it simple and enjoyable for yourself.  Remember, whatever you are doing, your baby is also doing.  If you are healthy and active, so are they 🙂 

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