Eucalpytus & Sage Hair Care Treatment (*Organic)


Welcome to this invigorating, leave-in hair care treatment to wake up and go to sleep with!  This powerful infusion boasts a refreshing, herbal aroma that can be used on the scalp to ease psoriasis, nourish, restore and strengthen your hair.  This, herby blend with sage helps reduce balding and greying.  The added Castor Oil is excellent for moisture while preventing breakage and damage.    The Sage is infused in Avocado Oil, is absorbent and hydrating, so you can enjoy the benefits of moisture without the greasy aftermath.  The stimulating properties of essential oils promote hair growth and blood flow to the scalp.   As with all SBTC infusions, this product can be added to any other to enhance its quality and effectiveness.

Directions:  Apply to wet, or dry hair.  Massage the scalp, focusing on thinning, or balding areas.  Lightly squeeze sections of your hair with your palms.

Ingredients:  Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Black Castor Oil, Sage Leaf, Peppermint Leaf, Eucalyptus Leaf.  Essential Oils of Rosemary & Tea Tree, Organic Menthol Crystals.

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SBTS’s Eucalyptus & Sage Hair Care Treatment is your all-in-one stop for restoring, strengthening, and moisturizing dry, and damaged hair.  If you’re struggling with psoriasis, alopecia, thinning, grey, and/or balding – look no further!  This infusion is specially formulated to be used solely or added to your own home remedy.  Made with organic ingredients, this product works best on natural hair but can be effective for all hair types, and styles.  This treatment is versatile enough to be used on various hair types, but dry, and damaged hair is the focus of this blend of herbs and oils.

As a regimen, I would suggest washing, conditioning, and using Sent by the Sea’s Herbal Rinse to prep your hair before applying this product.  You can use it as often, or as little as you prefer depending on your hair type/condition.  Feel free to leave comments, and or reviews of the products you try.

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