Postpartum Life and Beyond


Whew! You finally crossed the finish line of pregnancy and have entered (or re-entered) the new beginning stage of your postpartum journey. Way to go! The reality is, no matter if this is your first child or if you have many, it’s always a new experience in so many ways. Whether this is child number one, or number 5, it’s your first time managing this many children. For sure, there will be more to experience. During and after my pregnancy, I came across a number of "must-haves" that made my routine and my transition into motherhood so much easier. This list below are just a few suggestions to get you started. Heads up, the list will probably continue to grow as my experience does. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube page and Podcast for more!

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Mindful Parenting

We are responsible for giving our children the tools they need to succeed long-term. If they don’t understand it now, they will one day, don’t worry. What we sacrifice, the boundaries we set, the chores, the screen time cut off will all be appreciated tomorrow.

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The Facts About Belly Binding

My abs were fairly weak after I delivered and with the back support, it made everyday movement a lot more natural for me. Nursing especially, was much better done with the support it gave my back. I was even able comfortably to return to some of my basic chores (washing, cleaning, etc.) with no discomfort in those areas.

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The Wenélé

The Wenélé is the 40 day period when a woman stays at home with her newborn baby. This is a huge part of her physical, spiritual and emotional healing and bonding stage with her newborn.

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12 Ways to Beat the Blues During Pregnancy & Postpartum Recovery

If you’re feeling anxiety, depression, stress, or worry during your pregnancy, or your postpartum period – you’re not alone. Pregnancy and postpartum blues get the best of us, and it’s not your fault. But, there are some things you can do to take your mind off of depressive thought patterns and shift towards a more positive function.

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Raising Children in Meritah (Traditional Africa)

In Meritah, a child born into the world is seen as a spirit, a valuable entity that has a destiny and bloodline that all of us who come in contact with the child, must honor and respect. Everyone takes responsibility for how the child ends up because they are not only a reflection of the individual who raised them, but are representative of a whole culture.

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Traditional Healing Baths pt. 1

This article is a collection of questions I posed and the responses I received by the elder women who supported me and taught me how to care for my newborn son. Bathing is one of the most important occurrences in the life of an infant and throughout their childhood. In the Tem culture of Sokode, Togo, bathing is done very thoroughly.

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