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Greetings, glad to have you here! This page features posts that are inspired by my experiences in West Africa as well my initiation - in particular in the domain of health (Sounnt), which I received in the M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy and Spirituality. I’m so happy to share these simple remedies and useful insights about herbs and different recipes that can be used by the whole family. Natural health is such an important alternative these days, and there are many options visible beyond hospitalization, or prescription drugs for common ailments. As mothers, we're healers to our entire family, among many other hats that we wear, so I'm grateful for the opportunity to hre what I’ve learned over the years in hope that it brings some useful, economical solution to you and your household 🙂

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Aloe Vera for Everyone!

What I love is there are no side effects for children, nor adults. So, you can use it for your children liberally without being worried about breakouts, etc. Which, might I add, can be a major concern especially when your children are young. But, because of how pure and mild Aloe is, I have found it to be the greatest all-round application for your day to day issues.

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The Daily Diet in West Africa

There are a number of different green/leaves that we use to make a variety of sauces that too aid in digestion and stomach issues. These sauces are eaten with Toh – a fufu like starch that is boiled and prepared to be dipped in the sauce. It is a mixture of cassava and corn (both staple crops) and we eat it at least once a day.

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Benefits of Menthol w/ DIY Muscle Rub Recipe

Fortunately, for those of us who seek an alternative, there’s always nature to turn to. For every obstacle we encounter, we can always look to nature for the solution to overcome it. All of the chemical based ingredients we find are simply attempts at copying what nature produces already.

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Do It Yourself Remedies

Welcome to this Magani video demo. This and other home remedies and those like it can be found in the region of Ghana and Benin and they’re very well known for their effectiveness.  The ingredients for this tonic can be found in your local African/Caribbean market coupled with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen right now.  This is an excellent remedy for daily maintenance, hemorrhoids, abscess, general fatigue, immunity support and more.



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