Loving the Boppy

"...Of course, the main reason I fell in love with mine is because it made nursing (especially the middle of the night hours) way easier. It prevents the ‘nursing hunch’ that develops from leaning the upper part of your down to meet the baby’s mouth. ..."

What is a Boppy?

Boppy?  I don’t know where they get the name, but definitely get one while you’re pregnant.  One of the most useful things I purchased as a mother to be.
This is an absolute must have, at least for the first few months.  It has so many uses before and after baby’s arrival.  Now that my son has grown out of it, it makes for an awesome pillow!
I didn’t start using the Boppy as a sitting aid for my son until he was about four months.  At this time he was already very solid, strong and gaining weight steadily.  Some parents may want to start sooner,  just keep in mind that you don’t want to push too early.  It is possible to provoke physical issues as their bone structure is still very fragile. 
A boppy is essentially a support pillow, shaped like a “U”.  The shape allows the baby to sit up or lay down in a few different positions.  If you are pregnant, it is a great pressure release when placed between the legs.  It removes the weight on your hips that can become tight or even painful from sleeping on your side. 

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How to use a Boppy

One technique is to lay the baby on their stomach inside U-shape with their feet facing out the opening.  This position helps them to practice lifting their head and build a little neck and shoulder support. they are great for supporting your baby’s neck while they are learning to support their heads and upper body. You can also lay them on their back positioned the same way.  This allows them to have some support while angling them in a way where they can see in front of them instead of being on their back.
Of course, the main reason I fell in love with mine is because it made nursing (especially the middle of the night hours) way easier. It prevents the ‘nursing hunch’ that develops from leaning the upper part of your down to meet the baby’s mouth. It provides a buffer so that baby can lay right underneath the breast to nurse while you sit straight up.  To be honest, hunching will become hard to avoid from time to time, especially when they get bigger.  But, light stretching and exercising later on will engage your back and shoulder muscles enough for you to be much more aware of your posture.  If you were active during your pregnancy, your posture is likely to be in a good starting place already. 
After my boy was fully mobile and had outgrown the Boppy, I happily used it as a pillow…Super comfortable. Many mothers actually use it as a pillow during pregnancy.  The unique “U-shape” allows it to fit between the thighs allowing for less pressure on the hips while laying on your side.   
They’re pretty pricey from the site. I purchased mine when I was around 5 or 6 months pregnant from a consignment sale for an awesome price.  Generally they run anywhere from $30-$50, but it’s well worth it.  The one’s closer to $30 are generally without the slipcover, but they can be purchased for about $10. Be sure to check around in your area. They have baby consignments and discount stores all over. Feel free to share your local findings in the comments section.

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