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Whether it is your first or fifth pregnancy, women will always find herself learning new things and navigating the organic experience of an evolving mother. Having experience helps, but tht me experience can refine your approach with each pregnancy, or make you decide to change things up completely based on how you’re feeling, your resource, or your environment. For me, the more I have learned and experienced as a mother of two has helped me tremendously in understanding what I'm willing to do for my children. Of course, there are the basics like diapers, wipes, baby beds, clothes to hop for the time get nearer. But, the posts in this section will highlight very important things to keep in mind when it comes to your diet during pregnancy, physical and mental health and cost effective essentials for both you and your little one while you’re growing life inside of you.

12 Ways to Beat the Blues During Pregnancy & Postpartum Recovery

If you’re feeling anxiety, depression, stress, or worry during your pregnancy, or your postpartum period – you’re not alone. Pregnancy and postpartum blues get the best of us, and it’s not your fault. But, there are some things you can do to take your mind off of depressive thought patterns and shift towards a more positive function.

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Raising Children in Meritah (Traditional Africa)

In Meritah, a child born into the world is seen as a spirit, a valuable entity that has a destiny and bloodline that all of us who come in contact with the child, must honor and respect. Everyone takes responsibility for how the child ends up because they are not only a reflection of the individual who raised them, but are representative of a whole culture.

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Work it Out, Ladies!

Regular physical activity will be a huge advantage to the both of you when it comes time to deliver. Keep in mind, the birthing process is as much work for your baby as it is for you. While you are working to get them out, they too are working to find the right route and position.

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Benefits of Menthol w/ DIY Muscle Rub Recipe

Fortunately, for those of us who seek an alternative, there’s always nature to turn to. For every obstacle we encounter, we can always look to nature for the solution to overcome it. All of the chemical based ingredients we find are simply attempts at copying what nature produces already.

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Pregnancy Taboos

Carrying a child to term and birthing that child in the best way is of utmost importance. Therefore, there are some behavioral and dietary restrictions that are imposed during pregnancy on the mother to ensure she stays healthy (physically and spiritually) while her unborn child is growing and maturing inside her.

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Meritah Chronicles: My journey with baby #2 in West Africa!

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Have a listen to some unique perspectives on life in West Africa.  We cover topics like cultural practices, perspectives on health, the challenges and rewards of a traditional lifestyle, child rearing, parenthood and so much more!


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