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What to Expect

The articles, posts and videos you will read and view will be heavily influenced by my initiation and experiences in traditional culture here in West Africa. But, as an American born and raised, I’m continually working to disconnect myself from the values instilled in us (on black women in particular) in the West and adjust to the values and principles of Meritah (Traditional Africa). For sure, it’s a lifelong journey and always uphill. My practical life is heavily influenced by the family and elders in the community who’s backgrounds are both Gourmantche and Tem. Both tribes originate in West Africa and are well known for preserving and upholding their traditional values and principles. Having the honor and privilege of caring for a large family has been a source of tremendous growth and learning on my perpetual journey of transformation and adaptation. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I was fairly clueless to all of what natural, or traditional insights were coming from cultures that have strong and stable civilizations. The posts you will read in this section highlight my perspective as an initiate as well as a teacher, mother and overall woman. Many of these articles have taken time, research and first hand experience to compose. I respectfully welcome all thoughts and ideas, and look forward to sharing more of mine with you all as I continue to cultivate myself as a human being on the path of enlightenment.

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Mindful Parenting

We are responsible for giving our children the tools they need to succeed long-term. If they don’t understand it now, they will one day, don’t worry. What we sacrifice, the boundaries we set, the chores, the screen time cut off will all be appreciated tomorrow.

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The Facts About Belly Binding

My abs were fairly weak after I delivered and with the back support, it made everyday movement a lot more natural for me. Nursing especially, was much better done with the support it gave my back. I was even able comfortably to return to some of my basic chores (washing, cleaning, etc.) with no discomfort in those areas.

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Experiencing The Culture First Hand

Me and my two sons in Het Aishat, a traditional healing temple located in Kovoum, Togo (in the remote bush).  This is a traditional healing center established by The Earth Center and is dedicated to providing health services and traditional medicine for mental, physical, or ailments.  I have been working, visiting and receiving services here for year.  This is where I come to cleanse and provide any  offerings that my Ancestors may need to assist me in my life.

Valuing Our Elders

“…there is a very large component of a child’s education missing in the American value system. It is common practice to send the grandparent somewhere else to grow old away from the family.  As modern society dictates, they have no more value in the workforce and therefore no more value in the society.  

This same dismissal of our generation of elders has shamefully found its way into our own family structures in the West.  In traditional culture, elders are the most valuable component to a society.  They help guide the family and provide a wealth of wisdom to each generation in the household and overall community.  Removing grandparents from the home removes their influence and connection to their grandchildren who often share more between one another than them and their parents…”  


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